BEYOND The Rebellion Is An Alliance Designed To Help High Achieving Men Find The Fulfillment They Thought Their Success Would Give Them. Read That Again Slowly... It Really Does Capture What This Group Is All About!
...Beyond The Rebellion Has Limited Seats Available...
This Is Not a Business Mastermind...
That said, business success will be an important part of the conversation for many in the group. Business is a part of who we are and the success we’ve achieved is NOT to be discounted, shunned or rejected. This isn’t a success VS Fulfillment conversation. It’s a BOTH/AND conversation. Our professional success SUPPORTS our fulfillment in many critical ways and we want to honor that and continue to nurture and accelerate our success.

It is also true that our pursuit of professional success can, at times, LIMIT and/or distract us from our evolution toward true fulfillment. The men in this group will want to honestly explore BOTH the supportive and limiting aspects of our professional pursuits. Because let’s be honest, If success were enough on its own, we’d all already be completely and perfectly fulfilled and none of us would have anything left to work toward.

If you're reading this page, it's likely you’ve already achieved great success and I am inviting you to use those same strengths (and shadows!) to amplify your success by pursuing fulfillment with the same tenacity that got you to where you are today.

BEYOND The Rebellion Is Not For Everybody. Here Are a Few Questions That Will Help You Decide If It Might Be For You.
. Do you ever wonder why you aren’t happier, especially in light of all that you’ve achieved?
. Does the high of achieving your goals seem to wear off sooner than you’d like, leaving you with no choice but to up the ante and go bigger?

. Does the external progress you've made fail to produce the lasting satisfaction you're looking for?

. Is there a voice in your head that you’d probably punch in the face at least occasionally if it weren’t coming from inside you?

. Or maybe your inner critic isn't a complete jerk. Maybe it's a bit more subtle. Maybe it manifests itself as worry, self doubt, people pleasing or perhaps it wears the all too convincing mask of ''practicality''?

. Have you ever found yourself using outward confidence (which is likely very well earned!) or maybe non-stop ACTION to protect yourself and/or hide from insecurity, fear or self criticism? 

. Does the term “fulfillment” bring with it equal parts intrigue and annoyance? Like parts of you really want it while other parts of you cringe a little bit at how elusive (or new-agey) it seems?
If So, BEYOND The Rebellion Might be a Good Fit For You!
It's not cheap and it won’t be easy. If fulfillment were quick, cheap or easy, we'd all already have it. So there will be work involved and it just might be some of the hardest (and most important) work any of us ever do.

Members of this Alliance will intentionally explore their shadow (the parts of them that they avoid and/or have tried to “kill off”) and will actively seek to understand the conscious and subconscious motivations behind all of their patterns and pursuits. Members will intentionally cultivate growth and development in all aspects of life (heart, body, mind & soul)...
 And They Will Settle For Nothing Less Than Everything They Were Designed For
Not All Applicants Who Apply Will Be Accepted Into This Group. Each Applicant Will Be Thoroughly Vetted To Insure The Quality and Integrity Of This Elite  Mastermind Group.
Let's Talk About Logistics
Here's What's Included When You Become a Part Of The Alliance!
. 2 Alliance Retreats Per Year: 
At Each Alliance Retreat, We'll Set Up In an Intimate Style Air BNB That Includes Food and Lodging. Over The Course Of 2 Days, You'll Have The Opportunity To Mastermind With Like Minded High Achievers In a Small Group Setting To Support and Knock Down Any and All Barriers That Currently Stand In Your Way. As a Group, We're After Something Deeply Meaningful... To Create The Fulfillment That We Thought Our Success Would Bring Us...
. Connection & Course Correction Calls:
Every Other Month, We'll Connect Twice Per Month In a Virtual Group Setting. These Calls Were Designed To Increase Connection, Solidify Relationships and Provide On Going Support Beyond Our Retreats. Throughout Our Call, Each Member We'll Have The Opportunity To Connect, Share & Receive Support. These Calls Are an Opportunity To Dive Deeper and Continue The Momentum That Is Leading You To The Greatest, Most Fulfilled Version Of Yourself!
. Accountability:
As a Member You'll Experience On Going Accountability So That You May Continue To Reach New Milestones. If You're The Type Of Person Who Understands It Takes Real Work To Create Real Transformation AND Would Benefit From Other High Achievers Who Support, Challenge and Empower You Throughout Your Journey, Then You'll Love Beyond The Rebellion.
. Private Forum:
A Confidential Forum For Real Conversations and Real Connection. Here Alliance Members Can Lean On Each Other For Support and Guidance No Matter What It Is You're Dealing With. We're Here To Support One Another In All Areas Of Our Life. You Can Utilize Our Private Forum 24/7 To Receive Support and Offer Support To Your Fellow Alliance Brothers.
Not All Applicants Who Apply Will Be Accepted Into This Group. Each Applicant Will Be Thoroughly Vetted To Insure The Quality and Integrity Of This Elite  Mastermind Group.
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